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Lower back and legs giving way

Started by 101544269820918... on 04/09/2016 6:19pm

Hi I hope someone can help me with this, lets starts from the beginning on the 2nd of January 2001 I was hit by a motorbike but after a year or two I started to get back pain as they never treated me for my back as there was nothing wrong at the time. the pain started off as a slight niggle in the bottom of my back but I just ignored it as I couldnt take time off work ive done many jobs since then carpet fitter, labourer and removals so alot of heavy lifting but now all of a sudden the last couple of months the pain has come back with a vengeance for some unknown reason I havent done anything out of the usual but it gets to the point if im walking for more than 5 minutes it actually feels like someone is hitting me in the lower back with a baseball bat is the only way I can describe it but now in the last week my legs have started to feel like they give way but not completely just like the strength goes for a second or two please someone help ive tried everything and the worst thing is ive got kids and two are under the age of 2 so u can imagine the running around ive got to do im seeking physio but that could be forever and deep heat and naproxen tablets and co-codamols arent touching the sides what is wrong with me im only 35 this year.

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Have you ever had an MRI of the back?