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Give my back my pain meds

Started by Birdbrain on 04/05/2016 12:43am

I have been in chronic pain for 11 years. I have fibroidmyalgia bursitis heel spurs and 1\8 of an inch deep on my heels planter faciaitis carpal tunnel.cracked spine when I was severely injured in a car accident when I was 19 years old I've bartened bar for 35 years I've also been in 13 car accidents since I was 19 years old but here's my real other issue. I had insurance for 12 years then I was down sized at my job I worked for 17 years I lost my hourly pay by 12,000 $ a year. Then got fired. So now I went to a doctor who's didn't look at me like I was a drug addict criminal so I was taking 5 mg percocet off and on for 11years but my dr.asked me to sign drug contract no problem so I didn't have to take a test for a year. I was told make sure your medication is in your urine I took a 5 mg percocet 36 hrs before test supposedly perc stay in your body for 4to5 days. OK I drink a gallon of water a day so that is also in my records. So I took the drug test and failed because there was no percocet in urine now my dr can't give me my prescription my body feels like someone Thur me down a flight or stairs. I can't do housework or walk on the beach or go shopping I basicly lay in the bed when I'm not working. The is of the 1__to 10 scale. I don't do illegal drugs but can't get percocet right. My dr says he believes my that I took it but there's nothing he ct the an now well I have goon 3 weeks without this med I can feel my heart beating out of my chest because the pain so bad. What is wrong with this country. Are they hoping that all of us will sooner or later screw up and kill our selves so they don't have to pay disabled people I don't have enough income to stay home long enough to get disability. What the hell. I didn't hurt my self on purpose so I could take narcatics I wish I had my life back so I could enjoy my life over 50. But I can't hardly get to the bathroom to pee I'm missing g out on everything with my wonderful husband. I wish I wasn't like this. I'm dieing a slow a painful excistence. Please give me back my pain meds so I can have a little bit of enjoyment and satisfaction. But now I have to start from the beginning and if I even mention percocet I'll be looked at like a druggie. That's wrong. I wish this kind of agony on no one it's burtal

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BirdBrain, I have recently gone thru the same thing---it seems all dr's & hospitals are now cutting off pain meds to everyone with alarming results.

I finally started drinking something called Kratom, it is from a tree and all natural. You simply make a tea of the chopped leaves. i use 3 1/2 TBSP's per 5 cups of water. There are several varieties of kratom and I have tried 3 but can only use one variety w/o any side effects like jitteriness. {I use Bali variety}

The cheapest and also most reliable co. I order from is called the Kratom King {online; local stores charge way too much $20.00 for 1 ounce KK charges $28 for 4 oz but I buy it by the pound now that I don't/can't get any help with pain meds} I drink 1/2 cup of this brew 2 or 3 times a day depending on my pain level.

That being said, I hope it was ok to post this as I know many peep are now searching for some relief. There IS something WRONG with this country that allows us to be in such pain that we can't even deal with our daily lives & in fact, have NO QUALITY OF LIFE AT ALL!