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Thoracic disc herniation

Started by Karen B on 03/15/2016 12:57am

I have recently been diagnosed with a herniated discs at T 7&8. In this past two years I have had 12 surgeries for disc herniations. Some caused by injury others from DDD. I am fused from C 3- T2 and L 1 - S 1. I began having a numb foot after doing any thing physical three plus months later and a multitude of testa I am numb from my rt Buttock to my toes. My orthopedic surgeon has referred me to a neurologist to "make sure it's not some kind of other problem and to another surgeon who does Thoracic spine surgery. I am now having more back pain and rt rib cage pain. I am a nurse so I know that any Thoracic spine surgery won't be a picnic but would like to hear from anyone who has had similar surgery. I almost wish I could convince the new surgeon to fuse what is left of my spine. The thought of more discs hernia ting and having more surgeries is creeping me out.
Thoughts and advice please.

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