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Heavy,weak,numbness legs

Started by Linda Pohiva on 03/08/2016 3:31am

First i read some of the members concern about heavy,weak,numbness legs anf i love those who willing to help and also i love to read most of the concern....i always believe in the power of fasting and prayers....4 years ago i start to feel my legs,having pain both sitting down and standing short or long still the same,heavy,weak n numbness...I went from doctors to doctors,did mri's,exrays,they only gave me pain medicine yeb not helping.Next they send me to physical and orotho for inject yes help me for only 2-3 wks....all those doctors visit and help was together with alots prayers.I met an old lady,96 years old still walking etc..I asked her how on earth you still walking like 56 yrs old,she laughed and asked me...Why,do you have legs problem? We talked omgee,she told me walk everyday n drink water and only water while you do that go look for marunguy plant or trees and get the leaves ....half cup of the leaves,one cup water and 2 teaspoon of raw honey...pour all into blender than drink 2-3 times a day not only that boil the leaves n drink it everyday for as much as you like....GOD IS GOOD AND YES HE IS ALL THE TIME.....because im sick of my legs problem i decided to do it...its help and cure my legs problems for a year and a half now.....im free from my legs problems....marunguy helps diabetic,liver high blood etc....yes i still see my doctors and they surprised stopping my medicine...my dear friends,hope i help.....love&prayers.

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