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Rear-ended at Stop sign--muscle twitching in lumbar spine--Need opinion

Started by ejw1234 on 02/17/2016 5:47pm

I was rear-ended at stop sign by a car with the force when someone accelerates forward at a stop sign. I was wearing my seat bealt and I had a whiplash forward and back motion that did not affect my neck, only my lumbar, lower thoracic.

This happened early 2015. I was treated for a back sprain 3 months later. I ended treatment November 2015.

I felt that I was plateauing with chiro. I felt it would heal on its own. I didn't have pain per se. I would explain it as a mild, but persistent achy feeling. It feels like the tissue surrounding the vertebraes are bunched up along 3 or 4 vertebraes. It is accompanied by a tingly, inflammation, muscle twitching, that slightly pulses in the injured area. It will be fine, and then come back. Let's put it this way. I never thought about my lower back, but now I'm constantly reminded it's there.

Overall, my chiro diagnosed my condition as a lower back sprain. When I stand I get relief and sometimes forget it's there. When I sit for too long, I get the twitching and inflammation. I have to wriggle and shift to find a better spot.

When I lie down, I usually get a light pulse/tingly sensation in the injured area. I can thumb vertebrae to vertebrae along 4 vertebrae, and I can feel the tenderness on 2-3 vertebrae and soreness localizes more prominently on one. If I stop thumbing it, I don’t feel the soreness, just the muscle twitching and inflammation.

I can lift things and do normal activities like exercise, but I do feel the area gets more agitated with vigorous activity. I don't have pain shooting into my arms or legs.

I am trying to get professional massage and acupuncture, and I am getting into more self-healing techniques.

1. How would I know if it's a bulging disc or a herniated disc? My doctor didn't seems to think so.
2. Is it normal for this inflammation/tingly/twitch to be present a year and two months after a whiplash from a low speed rear end auto accident?
3. Should I be getting an MRI? I was going to wait after the professional massage therapy to see.

Thank you for your insight in advance. I am 37 year old male in otherwise great shape with no medical issues. I usually heal super fast, so it concerns me that I still have symptoms.

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