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Chronic pain

Started by Terrisemones on 01/29/2016 9:54am

M6 name is Terri I am a 54 year old female and if lived with chronic pain for over 10 years now I take pain meds everyday noone s3ems to understand 2hat its like so I have nonoe to talk to I have a deteriating spine in my lower back and neck and I have fibromyalsia I've worked since I was 16 years old and now I'm just useless even my husband looks at me differently

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Hi terri..hugs you tight..I can here the sadness in your words and they touched me...I got the sane thing..nobody to talk to about my chronic pain issues..my family tells me I'm lazy and just trying to get out if something..after 4 surgeries, to include rod placement from t2-t12 for a scoliosis, then laminectomy with fusion on all lumbar levels, having failed back syndrome, arachnoiditis, an astro-cytoma brain tumor with brain resection that I'm just lazy...fuck them..sorry..
hey you can tetalk to anytime...I have a suggestion..do you like to write at all?? there it's a great site called wattpad...there are those of all ages..walks of life..that write..I personally have 5 works there...it is also extremely social..Facebook has nothing on this site!! I am actually a support admin fit wattpad on the wattpad support group team found @TeaAndSympathy works page at wattpad....it's my job I had to spam that :)..seriously I was so depressed close to completely giving up..somehow I stumbled onto wattpad and my life hasn't been the same.I found focus there..friends that are going thru what I am...other people that understood me..and that actually respect me and don't tell me I'm lazy..and the best part.n it's worldwide I have friends in England, New Zealand, Canada, Tonga..a small island ofoff if Australia, Australia...I'm piinkwolf there...I hope to here from you...we can maybe becone pen pals..you know real letters...nobody writes real letters anymore..shame..oh my name it's Adalaine Marie..nice to meet you