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Back pain :(

Started by 101566824581751... on 01/29/2016 7:39am

Hi have had most lower back pain for 4 months now. Been to chiro. Physios. Had deep needle. Pain killers. Nothing has really helped. I was working a physical job repairing wooden pallets on a table that id stand at for 8 hours a day twisting and turning. Leaning over. Pulling. And at same time soccer training twice a week and playing on weekend. I had to quit my job as was in to much pain. Im only a 29yr male. Have seen 2 different drs and seem to be useless in knowing what to do or whats wrong. They said nothing really to wrong. Shouldnt be in much pain and go to physio. I have booked into 2 specialists in a couple of weeks for expert opinion. Ill just type what my mri shows

Report: There is minor undulation of vertebral body endplates which may reflect previous scheuermanns disease but there is no associated marrow stress response of the vertebral body endplates. There is mild marrow stress response at the inferior aspect of the right sacroiliac joint. There are bilateral pars defects of the L5 with a grade 1 anterolisthesis without marrow stress response to suggest active stress response. No facet joint marrow stress response.

The uncovering of the disc due to the spondylolisthesis with the disc contacting but not flattening the exiting right L5 nerve root within the foramen. No subarticular recess or central canal stenosis

Opinion :
1. Bilateral pars defect L5 with a grade 1 spondylolytic spondylolisthesis. This results in contact of the uncovered disc on the exiting right L5 nerve root without compression. There is no morrow stress response within the sacroiliac joints to suggest active bone stress.

2. Minor right sacroiliac joint marrow stress response inferiorly


I dont have any leg pains or that. Just lower back. Sometimes a few other places but i think maybe that could be fixed with massage

Do those results mean i have a mild slipped disc thats contacting a nerve but not compressing it to much? And a pars defect? Surely the contact on my nerve is what is causing me pain?

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