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Cervical fusion c4-c7

Started by 129318155069944... on 01/14/2016 12:48pm

Hi I'm new to this site and wanted to share my story, in 2012 I had my first cervical fusion c6-c7 I had an MRI several times with herniated disc, did 4 rounds physical therapy several injections nothing worked so I opted to have surgery this surgery was done out patient in 4 hours never was ordered as collar nothing up to a year and a half after had several mri's the doctor completely brushed off my increasing pain as if it were in my head. Anyway in 2015 I started seeing another orthopedic surgeon afer no relief from pain management he did a CT scan which I had never had before and my first fusion looked as if it didn't take ,also by this time I had 2 more herniated discs and bone spurs pressing on nerves in my neck so Oct. 26th I had another 4 level fusion , I was in the hospital for 5 days , I wore a collar this time for 6 weeks and had a CT scan yesterday and I am happy to report there is bone growth this time. When my surgeon did this surgery and removed the old disc that the last surgeon had put in after 2 and a half years it was still raw meat . I just wanted to share this info due to the difference in the surgeon, the surgery process and also there is a huge difference in what they can see in a MRI compared to a CT scan. Obviously still a long recovery road ahead but I'm extremely happy with the amazing difference in surgery.

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