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laminectomy did not work

Started by Tamera Speer on 01/01/2016 11:53am

I am desperate for advice. I had a terrible accident in late. 2012. Was working cash for mriontract so no insurance. Inlaws paid for mri
Showed severe herniations at L4-5-S1. Fell directly on tailbone and felt like 50 lb weight at lower back with feelings of severe tingling, burning, electricity etc in feet. Can not wear shoes except some flip flops. Had to quit job. My husband is recently handicapped from botched neck surgery and severe infection and placed in isolation for 6 weeks. We moved in wirh his parents who are mow invalids so we take care of them and house. I function on major pain pills and neurontin/gabapentin. Acquired gold card in houston --harris county insurance and finally had laminectomy and decompression on dec 10, 2014.
Absolutely no improvement!! I was told that fusion has been only answer and back to regular life but has somewhat high risks
Does anyone have some input about this fusion. I wait on my inlaws hand and foot plus run a household, groc shop cook clean, dr appts, medications for everyone and much more. I'm about to have nervous breakdown. Just applied for obamacare marketplace exchange and maybe have fusion. PLEASE HELP

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Your fusion was done in December-14.what about your present life style means how much time you walk,sit,stand etc ,you can do any job or work?presently you are taking any medicine and do exercise. How fill that your nerve damage or break you have done any MRI test .please reply me .my fusion was done before seven month I can not sit on chair more than one hour in a day,walk for ten minutes and stand for two hour in a day .I can not do my job because all most time I am in bed