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Posted in: Back pain, Herniated disc, and Surgery.

ALIF L5S1. 6 weeks post op belly issues

Started by 102051948636950... on 12/02/2015 11:41am

I had ALIF with total disc replacement 6 weeks ago, tomorrow actually. While the back pain is improving, I am still having issues with my abdomen. Very puffy and hard, lop sided around the incision. Pain goes up into my belly button, where it feels almost as if there's a small hernia or something odd about it.
I have been having issues with constipation on and off, and am trying natural things to get my body back to normal. I look like I'm pregnant still and can't wear jeans, only yoga or stretch pants. I am supposed to return to work as a cosmetologist next week.
Will the belly swelling and pain to away? Am I not giving it enough time, or should I start to worry? It's rather embarrassing as well.....carrying a big Rock of a stomach around, below my brace which makes it look worse I'm sure. Any advice is appreciated! !

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