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Posted in: Back pain.

L-5, S-1 , Spinal Fusion

Started by Sharon G on 11/21/2015 1:53am

I am just shy of 4 months Spinal Fusion.of the L-5 S-1 and I'm still experiencing pain. I have finished with my Physical therapy. How long will it be before I'm not In pain? The pain is not severe but,I'm still experiencing pain! I hope that someone can answer my question? Thank You!!

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Hi, im sorry you are still hurting:(
Have you been back to your surgeon? You may not be fully fused which contributes to the pain lingering I am told.
What does your pain feel like and how is it different from your original pain?
Take care!


Hi yes good ole pain my first lumbar surgery after a year and over I started to feel betr. I broke my the second time some where last of may this yearvcausing cushion to lodge intobmy spinal chord making my siatic nerve to go crazy my pain isn't gone my whole lumbar is fused I have a plate in by my tail bone. Now I'm getting to cushions taken out of my neck. My ekg was not normal so I have to see a hesr doc monday. I take it easy my bac has been broke two times now I have a electric chair I use also . Good luck I feel your pain main thing be patient give it two years before u say it didn't work and don't smoke.


I had the same surgery in 2009. Im still in pain, severe. Nothing ever showed up on any mri or xray etc. When surgery was finally done ( 8 yrs after pain started) the Dr found that the disc had collapsed onto the nerve! So far, i havent found anyone with solutions. I just sold my business of 15yrs a year ago.
Ask the surgeon what he found during surgery. Keep doing your exercises, its important. Give it more time. In my case, i feel the nerve was impinged for way too long. I went to 3 neurosurgeons, 2 orthopedics, M.D. and spinal surgeon.
Walk as much as you can. It takes awhile, but i think it depends on how long the problem went on in the first place. Good luck to you, dont give up