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9 yr old told she has a straight spine.

Started by 101536647233245... on 11/17/2015 6:32am

My daughter is 9 and a year ago we were in a car accident that involved us being rear ended while setting in traffic with the car in park, the woman hit us twice. We both suffered neck injuries mine was almost immediate but hers was a couple weeks if that and headaches started, then she started complaining about her lower back hurting so I took her to the doctor and was referred to a nuero he put her on Cyproheptadine, that didn't help but made her gain about 15 pounds then her pediatrician switched her to another medicine in the same class; we notice no difference in the frequency of headaches with or without the medication, her headaches seem to be triggered by exertion . She played basketball and every practice and every game she got a headache if we didn't pre treat her and even with pre treating she would still complain that her head was starting to hurt. After 3 sets of xrays on her spine one report said she had degenerative disk disease and most recently we were told her spine is straight and that is why she is having the back pain, the chrio said he has never saw this in a 9 year old and of course googling it has not been a good idea. No one seems to have any answers to why her spine is straight or even a plan of care for her. What is next? I feel like they are just ignoring the problem now because they don't know the solution?

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