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Need Diagnosis Explained to Me

Started by 118108492857282... on 11/12/2015 7:01am

I have had chronic lower back pain since 2011. I had x-rays, MRI, Discography test, injections, physical therapy, chiropractor. I need an honest trustworthy doctor to look over my case and give the best advice and diagnosis. I was never really explained to me the way it should. I don't even know what I have. I heard some things from my physiatrist. But he is not a spine surgeon. I'm sure he was correct in a way. Then I go to another surgeon and it is a different story. I also go to a third doctor and it is still a different story. My last good neurosurgeon opinion said to not have surgery because it could make it worse. But how do I deal with this pain and low quality of life? I'm on meds and I don't like narcotics. It is better than pain though.
I feel I need a new MRI to see if anything has gotten worse or changed. I need an excellent doctor and surgeon's check up and tests thoroughly. I need good sound honest advice. I am being pro active in my desire to be well and have a lot less pain and a good quality of life.

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