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Need Help suffering everyday

Started by 110312020303917... on 10/25/2015 6:17pm

I have had reoccurring neck pain over the last few years, in December I started hurting again with headaches, got betterfor a while then in august it started up again with neck pain, heradaches, and then pain in upperback and shoulders and pain going down my spine, I have rods in my back from a scoliosis surgery when I was 8, I have had ct scan done, xrays, and an mri as well. one dr said nothing was wrong. one said I have degenerative disc die=sease, and another said I haeve the ddd and possibly something wrong around my t1 and t2 vertabrea. I have been in therapy. tried many medications. also an assessment from one dr said I have kyphoscoliosis, cervicaliaga, cervical radiculopathy, also hahve been to a chiropractor who said I have spins bifida acculta...

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Are you able to do yoga?

Find a gym you can ease into. I have an old football injury that I can usually fix on my own with simple stretching and yoga.