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Help...please ..should I sue?

Started by 102048851298707... on 10/19/2015 3:56pm

I posted this in August with no reply....I'm hoping someone here can explain how I suddenly have a L6. On 2/5/2015 I had a PLIF S/P on L5 S1. So far my T12 L1 changed to a slight instability post op xray on 6/2 with flexion-extension maneuver. My MRI noted that I had a Superiorly migrated central disc....assuming it's the same info that was on xray...extrusions/Hermiston and effacement of the thecal sac... I was told it wasn't a concern when I went 8/3. I went on 8/3 for just regular standing Xray. My results state that I have eleven rib sets and a 10mm anterior slip of L6 on S1. I have a lot of other disc issues but this is new to me. My MRI and Previous xrays didn't show this. I am in a lot of pain...been back to working, as a plumber for three months . I'm starting to lose hope that I will ever get better. I am seeing a physiologist tomorrow at four. To consult about trigger point shots. I have more information if needed.

Angela Long
4 hours 30 min ago
I received the trigger point injections a little over a month ago. The first three days were tough but then I felt like I could have a life again. Now I'm back in pain and scheduled to get the shots again on the 27th. Which can't come soon enough!!! My main question is...is it possible to have a L5S1 and a L6S1? Any help or thoughts greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I'm not clear what you would sue about. What did the doctor say about the L5s1/L6S1? Could it simply be a typo?


There was never a mention of L6...until my six month follow up xrays...I had two xrays..without flexion. Just standing. This was the reading from the radiologist. My surgeon said that my hardware was stable and the surgery was a success because he stopped the stenosis.. and that my pain was not related to the 10mm slippage of my L6. My surgery was for L5S1. l tried googling it and the S stands for sacrum...the last bone? So in my layman thoughts...How could I have a L6 S1? Did he miss that fact? Shouldn't he have fused my L5L6S1?


umbar spine 2 views (weight-bearing)

History: Lumbar spine surgery.

Discussion: There are 6 lumbar segments (a previous chest radiograph demonstrates 11 pairs of ribs). Postoperative changes are present following lower lumbar laminectomy and lumbosacral fusion, using an interbody fusion device and pedicle screws linked with longitudinal metal bars. There is 10 mm anterior slip of L6 on S1, in association with bilateral L6 pars defects. Very mild degenerative changes are present at other levels, with anterior osteophyte formation but with preservation of disc heights. Metal surgical clips are projected over the right upper quadrant of the abdomen following presumed cholecystectomy.

Stable postoperative lumbar spine.

Dictating Workstation: HMINWKS20


This was previous read.
Lumbar spine, 4 view, from 6/2/2015.

Comparison is made to two-views of the lumbar spine from 3/20/2015.

Clinical information: 40-year-old with history of L5-S1 fusion, low back pain, paresthesias into the legs.

AP lateral and lateral flexion extension views of the lumbar spine were acquired.


Five lumbar type vertebral body segments are present. There are clips in the right upper quadrant. Transpedicular screws at L5-S1 are present. Very slight levoconvex curvature of the thoracolumbar spine. Transpedicular screws at L5-S1 are similar to prior with stable
anterolisthesis of L5 and S1. No hardware failure. Vertebral body stature of the remainder of the lumbar levels appears intact. Flexion-extension views were performed. Very slight retrolisthesis of T12 on L1 by approximately 2 mm with extension not seen in flexion. No significant instability at other levels.

Post surgical change with very slight instability with T12-L1 with flexion-extension maneuvers.

Dictating Workstation: HMINWKS11


It sounds like your surgery was to fuse your last lumbar vertebrae and your first sacral vertebrae, however they number them. If you are concerned about it, you should ask your doctor if you have 5 lumbar vertebrae, or 6. And, no, you can't have both an L5S1 and an L6S1. It's one or the other. The only question is how they number what is there. In any case, it seems that the fusion has been successful. Perhaps there are other reasons for your pain. Best wishes for relief!


Thank you. When I asked the surgeon he said the pain wasn't related and to keep my one year follow up trays appointment. Which is in February. I have a bi lateral pars defect...could that be what is 10 mm out? After being brushed off by the surgeon twice, I feel uncomfortable even trying to ask again. I took off work today because I'm a plumber and was a bridesmaid this weekend and the activity wiped me out. I almost went to ER because I literally was sleeping on my belly and could not till back over without excruciating pain. It really scared me. This is the message from surgeon when I asked about the slippage.

No. xrays are stable from June 2, 2015. There is a mild anterolisthesis present since your initial presentation. Instrumentation is in a satisfactory position and the nerves were decompressed at the time of surgery. Keep your appointment for the evaluation today and your next follow up appointment. Keep us informed.

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I have a question about XR LUMBAR SPINE 2 OR 3 VW resulted on 8/3/15 at 4:47 PM. I have been having left lower sharp back pains with some leg and calf tightness. Could this be why? I am seeing a doctor today for possible trigger point injection at four today,for my left side tightness. I plan on discussing it with him as well. I was asked to report any new symptoms and this just really started being an issue, as the pain has turned sharp and I hear a popping sound when I try to stretch my leg. Thank you. Angels Long