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To bad emergency room docs are prejudice

Started by 931411690264795... on 10/07/2015 10:04am

So I had a bad episode with neck and arm pain yesterday. My head hurt really badly and my face felt to be on fire. Of course this frightened me as I have high blood pressure so I went to the emergency room. I tried to explain that I have been suffering from this inexplicable pain that radiates down my legs, throbs my calves and anckels, numbs my feet and sometimes stinging and burning sensations in all extremeties etc.,. I let them know I had had an mri at there facility radiologist and was awaitng a specialist. Right away they discounted everything I said except for the pain in head neck and arm on left side which is to be expected. Hey the only reason I went was because I was afraid of stroke! Okay so I brought with me all the meds I was prescribed as your always told to do but could not find mri cd in my panic. They did a ekg and found everything to be normal and immediately assumed that I was there for more pain meds. What do I want with more of something that dose not work. It is only useful for some sleep. Yes the perscrbtion reads to take three times a day for pain but as I stated before I am a mother of seven of which five are under 18 I can't be an absentee parent. I don't want more drugs I want this to stop. I want to know w hat is causing it and cut it out. So be leary of emergency room docs who assume they know your motives for seeking care if your on pain relieving meds that don't work they just might become abussive. The doc came in and pulled on my head , laid me down flat on there gurny after I told them that I had not been able to lie flate for several months without pain. He shoved me back onto the mattress and applied pressure to my legs to staighten them out and caused me more pain than the pulling of my head I was sorry I went which seemed to be there point. Some blood work came back and they offered muscle relaxant which I refused I just wanted to go home and suffer alone so I disconnected myself and was geting out of there but they made my son nervous about some blood clot possibility so I had to stay for final test and which took another two hours and was finally released with no real satisfaction. If I can help it I wont be going to seek medical care at that facility again I am really affraid that this wont be the end to this sort of abuse after reading some other stories on this sight. If you can bypass uninformed emergency docs.

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