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surgery on back can no longer do what I used to do as far as work

Started by darleenyoung on 10/04/2015 8:38am

I have been in food service since 1989 in 2013 I had back surgery which I now have screws in back Im single and only 58 yrs old. can anyone please tell me some options, I am working food service had to quit last job as I couldn't do the lifting pulling and pushing required plus standing 8 hrs got a new job in food service as that is all that would call me,its at a college where they have me bend to clean walls,mopping,and bending to do other things I can not do it and now have bad pains in bend of knees,can youll tell me what my options are? I don't know where to start to get help.Ive done retail work but wont don't know if I can do that due to back thank you in advance for responding Im desperate

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Hi Darlene.I'm Margaret.

I also had the scrap metal in my spine,plus a long road with the other holding rod in place..Best thing to do is find yourself a job where you stand part time and same way with sitting.Myself,I will never have spinal surgery.Have had a series of epidural twice..Then the needle thingy and a little control panel,so I could sipped up the movement or slow the tiny shocks. I made the doctor pull it out in four days.Have had pts several times and pain got worse..Percocet does not stop pain.Arthritis meds don't.I had my doctor write a presentation for Lyrics stops some of the pain,just can't afford taking it all the time.
I'm71 years of age and first surgery was Inc Sept of 1978,the second one was done two weeks later.I got out of Emory hospital,Atlanta,Ga . a week before Thanksgiving. It is a rough road .I got a job as manager at Wilde Fire Kennels.,it was the only that would hire me.Boss lady made me a partner,but kept fifty one percent.
Tanning bed helped ,hot water bottle and my electric blanket.Recently my left leg from hip to end of my toes has started burning and tingling .. If you are unable to work,apply to Social Security as my husband did.He drew his SSec. at age 50. His doctor wrote out his papers stating he was unable to do any kind of work due to his heart..Very very bad condition
Oh yes !!! The Blu-Emu is fantastic on the parts I can reach.
Now I am going to try the exercises listed on this site.I have spinal stenosis from top of neck and down to the bottom of my spine.. I'm praying those excerises will work. You sound like you are very depressed.Find your self a hobby.It will take your mind off the constant pain. Mine is gardening and working around my flowers.There are several handy milk crates around that I use as a a stool.The bending over to pull weeds or the vegetables sure helps with the pain.Different things helps some people.Our bodies are all different and react to different things differently.
You have to Find what helps you.God bless you.