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l5 s1 spinal fusion. going on third fusion HELP

Started by 102074793855238... on 09/29/2015 12:16pm

Over ten years ago I had spinal fusion levels
Ll3,4. L4 l5 .best decision I've ever made
Last year I was in a car accident that lead me to having to have another one this time my l5 s1 ...and this time around its been a nightmare..I woke up from that surgery. paralyzed in my right leg and ended up with a massive infection and had to have another surgery to clean the infection out and was hospitalized for a month since then I've
Had fluid built up twice and have been just told tht my recent mri is showing tht I'm not fusing and my hardware has become loose and I'll need yet another surgery. Called a ALIF L5 S1 and they will have too go threw my stomach
I've since regained use of my right leg but not without some permanent damage

Has this happened to anyone else out there ..why is my hardware loose and why do I keep getting fluid on my spine HELP PLZ


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