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Epidural & Cortisone Spine Injection Severe Leg Pain

Started by Hcool on 09/25/2015 9:52pm

I had an epidural cortisone injection to my spine on Tuesdayy. Today is Friday. I can't move my right leg without agonizing pain. The pressure is so intense as is the throbbing that Ii want to cut my leg off. I can't stand or walk at all let alone move or sleep but my doctor tells me this is normal. The pain grows worse by the hour & not even a Hydrocodone Acetominophen 10-325 & Aleve + extra Tylenol will touch this unbearable pain. I still have a Temperature of 100.5 even with all this medication but I'm not sure how much longer I can stand this. My pain doctor who gave me the injection tells me this is normal but I'm losing my mind trying to deal with this most dreadful pain. There's constant pressure & throbbing plus agonizing sharp pain when moving my leg. I can't walk right now and it feels like my leg is dying. It hurts so very much I've thought about cutting it off myself to escape this complete misery.

Is my doctor right that this is normal?

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I forgot to add that my pain management dr told me I could take a Hydrocodone Acetominophen 10-325 every 6 hours rather than 8 but I was told I'd need to collect a new prescription from their office which isn't terribly helpful since I can't walk let alone drive there! I'm really beginning to think I should have seen a spine doctor before agreeing to have my pain management dr give me this injection which as of now has caused me more agony, & fear than I could ever had imagined.

The pain medication does absolutely nothing to touch this excruciating, continuous never ending agony.

I'd very much appreciate any support & advice right now. I'm on the verge of calling an ambulance right now since this pain grows worse each hour.

Thank you. X