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long list of things i don't understand

Started by 931411690264795... on 09/21/2015 7:10pm

So I had a MRI of my lumbar spine. Sagittal T1,T2 and STIR. axial dual echo T2 findings lumbar vertebrae are in anatomic alignment. Mild bone marrow edema within the S1 facets and pedicles most likely degenerative stress related edema. Transitional vertebrae at S1. Conus terminates anatomically. L1-L2 no significant disc bulge, central canal or neuroforaminal stenosis. Mild degenerative changes of the facets.L2-L3 same L3-L4 mild disc bulging and degenerative changes of facets without significant canal narrowing. No significant neural foraminal narrowing L4-L5 Broad based disc protrusion, mild disc space narrowing small paracentral annular tear and moderate degenerative changes of the facets with no significant narrowing of the central canal. Mild right and no significant left neural foraminal narrowing.L5-S1 Disc osteophytic ridging and moderate degenerative changes without significant central canal stenosis. Synovial cyst measuring 7mm projecting off the posterior margin of the left articular facet. Moderate bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.

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Any general doctor or family doctor can simplify and explain a radiologists report with you. It is important to go through the document in order to understand which are the areas of concern and to put together some treatment options.


You would think so but my doctor has only said that at the age of 43 it's natural, It dose not feel natural. I'm a single mom of seven and have always been very active. Up until 3 months ago I danced with my children 3-4 times a week and did zumba. Then all of a sudden I have this terrible pain that ran down my legs and up my back mostly agrievating an injury from last year. Now I get a this headache on the left side that runs down my neck and into my left shoulder but no one has even lokked at my upper back just the lumbar. I'm on vicodine and soma and still get little relief and have until the 15th of October to see a specialist. I feel like I'm losing my mind and am at my witts end. Of a sudden my body is falling apart. Could all of this be caused by an injury that happened september of last year or is this what the rest of my life looks like?

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If I were you, I would find a doctor with more compassion and a willingness to actually provide options of care for you! Check out a local medical center associated with a university. You are the consumer and have the right to select a provider who is best for YOU! Don't give up!


Of course a doctor like an orthodontist will sure be able to give all this answers.


Thank you so much for your answers and your support in answering my question. I found out that because I am already disabled with a mental disorder and already on medicaid as long as my problem is not an emergency as it was when my retna detatched they will take care of me in their own good time. I can only grin and bare it.I can not complain because unlike many my medical care is free Im sorry for wasting you alls time with my problems.