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Started by abiyebis on 09/21/2015 4:54am

Greetings SpineUniverse

I am 33 years old. I have been diagnosed with severe spinal deformity that starts to show up since i was 15 years old. The curvature starts to grow faster when i was 17. Since there was no well equipped hospitals in Ethiopia, the kind of support i get was a spinal brace for one year. But the brace starts to press my chest and created additional pain so i have to stop using it.

The doctors said that they couldn't help me anymore unless i traveled and get surgery. The curvature is around 40 degrees.
I know by know it is too late to get the surgery and have a spinal correction.
But due to my work i sit for long hours. Now i start to have back pains frequently and this starts to affect me not to even have a good sleep. It have already affected my personal life so i am just trying to get some advice to help me minimize the pain.

Now a days i noticed to have heavier breathing frequencies and i don't want that to complicate in the future. Since there is no proper hospital to help this kind of issues, I have to come online and look for support and advice.
Can you please send me some directives or doctors that can provide me remote support.

thank you

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