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MRI results

Started by CrazyIndyGirL on 08/26/2015 2:49am

MRI Results on Cervical Spine:
There is disc space narrowing and particularly at the C5-6 level with associated spurring at the end plate margins.

C5-C6: there is a diffuse and somewhat bilobed disc-osteophyte complex causing anterior extradural defect on the thecal sac with slight mass effect on the cord. there is moderate right and severe left for forminal stenosis.

C6-C7: there is a mild diffuse disc-osteophyte complex greater towards the right. there is mild left and severe right forminal stenosis.

There is degenerative disc disease of the lower cervical spine levels as detailed above. no significant findings are as follows :
C5-6: diffuse disc-osteophyte complex causing slight cord compression with moderate right and severe left for aminal stenosis .
C6-7: right posterolateral disc-osteophyte complex causing severe right foraminal stenosis.


Findings: there is mild straightening of the lumbar lordosis. there is slight retrolisthesis of L5 over S1, apparently on the basis of facet joint arthropathy. no pars inter articulates defect is identified. there is diffuse narrowing of the disc spaces. several small Schmorl's node's are noted. the vertebral body heights are otherwise maintained. the osseous structures demonstrate normal marrow signal intensity. the conus Medullaris terminates normally at the L 1–2 level.

L1-L2: mild diffuse disc bulge without significant mass effect

L4-L5: mild diffuse circumferential disc bulge with a superimposed shallow posterior midline herniation. mild bilateral facet and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy he contribute to moderate right and mild left lateral recess stenosis. there may be a slight mass effect on the right L5 nerve root. the exit foramina are patent.

L5-S1: bilateral facet arthropathy with small bilateral facet joint effusions. there is a large right paramedian disc herniation extending into the lateral recess and origin of the right exit foremen. fragment measures 1.6 cm transverse by 1.3 cm AP. it displaces and probably compresses the right S1 nerve root.

There is mild degenerative disc disease throughout the lumbar spine as detailed above the most significant findings are as follows:

L4-5: diffuse disc bulge with the posterior central protrusion contributing to moderate right and mild left lateral recess stenosis. there may be a slight mass effect on the right L5 nerve root.

L5-S1: large right lateral recess disc herniation displacing and probably compressing the right S1 nerve root.

What does all this mean? Any help I'd greatly appreciate!! Ty. God Bless

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That is a lot to go through. But you have good reason for your neck to hurt and I imagine nerve pain down arms and down leg(s). Make an appointment with a neurosurgeon for treatment options. I get epidural s and they can help and also be used for diagnostic purposes. There are options beyond surgery which should only be a last resort. But doctors can try many things to help you. As with all back issues, the first thing you can do is stay thin (every pound of extra weigh puts five pounds of stress on your spine), eat healthy, stay active as you can, and if your body tolerates it, take anti imflammtories.


Hi Crazy: what are your main complaints? Do you have numbness or tingling anywhere? Have you lost strength in your hands, legs or anywhere? What kind of treatment have you had and what kind are you getting now? I have been dealing with spinal problems, injuries, surgeries and rehabilitation for 30 years. AND. I am only 51! The answers to these questions will help all of us answer you more effectively! Thanx