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Spinal Pain

Started by k9wessen on 08/25/2015 6:51pm


I am new to this site but wanted to see if anyone has had the same issues I have. I have had back issues since 1989 when I first injured my spine in the Navy. The pain has become far worse over the past several years. Now I can no longer stand for more than 20 minutes, walk a lap around the mall or even make dinner without severe pain in my lower spine and harsh burning in my upper legs. Sleeping on my back is also an issue because if I do I end up loosing feeling in my legs or arms. I get seen at the VAMC and have been complaining about this issue (started out much more mild 7-8 years back) but always get told it's because Im getting older and this is just my body adjusting. I was seen in the ER a few weeks back and was told I have Facet Anthropathy and Anterior Wedging of the lower spine. I am scheduled for an MRI but no longer trust the medical professionals who are looking out for me.

Any advice or anyone going through this and can tell me what to expect? I would appreciate anything you can tell me or advice you can give.

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