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L6 S1 10mm slip in association with pars defect

Started by 102048851298707... on 08/10/2015 5:52pm


I'm hoping someone here can explain how I suddenly have a L6. On 2/5/2015 I had a PLIF S/P on L5 S1. So far my T12 L1 changed to a slight instability post op xray on 6/2 with flexion-extension maneuver. My MRI noted that I had a shallow shortly mated central disc extrusions/Hermiston and effacement of the thecal sac...I'm aiming this means the same thing. I was told it wasn't a concern when I went 8/3. I went on 8/3 for just regular standing Xray. My results state that I have eleven rib sets and a 10mm anterior slip of L6 on S1. I have a lot of other disc issues but this is new to me. My MRI and Previous xrays didn't show this. I am in a lot of pain...been back to working, as a plumber for three months . I'm starting to lose hope that I will ever get better. I am seeing a physiologist tomorrow at four. To consult about trigger point shots. I have more information if needed.

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Superiorly migrated central disc....assuming it's the same info that was on xray. Can't seem to find how to edit my thread.


I received the trigger point injections a little over a month ago. The first three days were tough but then I felt like I could have a life again. Now I'm back in pain and scheduled to get the shots again on the 27th. Which can't come soon enough!!! My main question is...is it possible to have a L5S1 and a L6S1? Any help or thoughts greatly appreciated. Thank you.