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Posted in: Back pain.

t7 bulging

Started by 101558798621400... on 08/03/2015 11:57pm

"Nothing I can do", says the doc. Pain started almost 10 years mid back ... Now I have knots everywhere along my spine and upper right back including right side neck. Thought something was wrong with my liver years ago pain wrapped along my ribs .. All sorts of test and types of treatment! Finally did MRI to discover "it's only a bulging disk T7." The doctor has made me feel hopeless saying no options for me and shouldn't cause me any pain! So after delivering 2 children naturally with no medication...I'd have to say that was nothing compared to dealing with this endless cycle of constant pain that has slowly taking over! Being a yoga instructor I'm done feel like giving up!

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I have a handful of bulging discs in my t-spine, the worst is t-6 (if I'm remembering right). My surgeon, who had previously fused my lumbar and c-spine, told me that while he didn't doubt my pain, there was nothing surgically he could do. That more often than not, surgery in this area of the spine makes matters worse, not better.
I have the same pain pattern as you do. All I can do is lay down ( OFTEN ) and take extended and immediate pain meds.
Best of luck to you.