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L5 S1 disc bulge

Started by 102069657119720... on 07/29/2015 3:27pm

Hello everyone
can anyone help in telling how much is an L5 S1 disc bulge of 4.5mm. Is this much harmful. Here is my story..leg pain extends all the way to foot in right leg only no back pain but sometimes a burning feeling in L5 S1..surely all disc bulge symptoms as MRI shows as well but some doctors declared 4.5mm as normal but one says this is wat is causing the pain..its bearable and im not on any painkillers..started using right posture left golf n exercise for this whole year..please guide more specially answering how much bad is 4.5mm. Regards

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In 2006 I had spinal fusion on my L4-L5-L5-S1 it was hard on me. I had a lot more pain unable to live life
I had so much nerve damage. I have to do intermittent cathing. My bladder does not empty do the the nerve damage
My pain got so worse. I had to have a complete Lumbar Fusion. I still have pain and problems. I I don't walk with a cane.. I am 49 years old I can enjoy my grandbabies for a little while longer now


David P. Man: Are you REALLY promoting your own business on this forum?? What nerve! I see that you have given the same response to more than one person, all with the request to text you for info on meds. I will be happy to let SpineUniverse know what you are doing. Shame on you!