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Lumbar spine surgery

Started by 770458449718573... on 07/16/2015 7:59pm

Has anyone had actual success for relieving lower back pain by having surgery?

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Hi Philip,
Are you experiencing lower back pain and scheduled for a surgery? The success rate for such treatments are high so you should not worry. I have no experience w/ it but here's something that could help you with your questions:http://www.placidway.com/package/2189/Affordable-Knee-Surgery-In-India/

Good luck Philip!


I have not had surgery, but would like to know if anyone has had success.

I'm 38 and have struggled with a protruding disc and degenerate disc disease in L5 for the past few years. My recent flare up has lasted a over ten days. This is a lot longer then ever before. I think this issue is affecting my bowels. I'm not as regular as I used to be. At first I thought the changes in my bowels was from a change in jobs. I read online it could be due to a pinched nerve.

I've been through 2 injections at the pain clinic with little to no relief. My doctor is forwarding me onto another pain clinic, but I doubt it will work.

My doctor is trying to avoid surgery, but the discomfort is affecting my family and work life.

If anyone out there has experience, good or bad, with lower back surgery please let us know.