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Nerve damage after back surgery (L5-S1)

Started by cottinger on 07/07/2015 2:05pm

Hey all....hope everyone is hanging in there. Curious if anyone else has had nerve damage caused by the collapse of their disc. When I had my first microdiscectomy, the surgeon said that part of the disc tissue broke off and settled on the nerve and grew/branched throughout the nerve, kind of like a tumor. He removed what he could and told me he had to 'scrape' the tissue deposits left inside the nerve. Less than a year later I had my second microdiscectomy after my disc re-herniated and that surgeon said that there were more deposits throughout the nerve and he had to scrape it again. Almost three years into my injury and my back is manageable, but now I've got and increase of hyper active nerve issues from my left hip, down to the arch of my foot (left side nerve was affected in surgery). I can't seem to find someone that can give me an answer about the long term effect of the tissue deposits. What I'm trying to research is, will the branches throughout my nerve eventually close up on their own, or will it stay this way and I'll possibly be looking at surgery every two to three years to scrape it. If anyone has heard of anything similar, I'd love some feedback. Thanks guys!!

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I believe you might be referring to scar tissue. If this is what it is sometimes scar tissue can be removed and with new technology your physician "can put it to rest" Unfortunately there is a high risk of scar tissue returning. I have had three unsucessful surgeries and suffer on a daily basis with severe sciatica. It appears that I have piriformis syndrome which is compressing my sciatica nerve. I feel like I have a screw driver piercing in my buttock and the pain radiates to my hip and my right leg down to the little toe. The pain I have described to many doctors is like bad menstrual cramps and a very bad tooth ache. Sitting long periods worsens it. I have been to alot of doctors and now they are suggesting an MRI of my piriformis muscle. I did some research on this and it appears as though you can get a false negative report. In other words it's not a good test which is probably why no one has ordered it over the years. If this is the issue which is causing my sciatica the options are not good. After three failed surgeries would you consider another surgery? I feel your pain....


Yes!!! That's the same kind of pain and even burns when it shoots down, almost making it feel like an itching feeling. Sitting or laying makes it harder for me also....if I lay on my left side, after about 20-30 minutes it almost feels like something wants to drill OUT of my hip. All of it is exhausting to say the least and has led to new work restrictions that is forcing a medical retirement. It sounds like my doc and pain management team is going to push for a plethora of tests (MRI, CT, and nerve). This third doc/surgeon is pretty awesome at actually listening and reacting. I should know something on Monday and will keep you updated on my testing. If anything they do for me can help someone else I'm all for it. I wouldn't wish this kind of pain on my worst enemy. Hang in there and thanks so much for responding!!


Sorry to hear that after your big surjeries that you still have problems. I have nerve damage at the l5-s1 but doctor says I am not surgical. Injured nerve not repairable? And how does he know that it is not compressed and that is what is causing my sciatica? I think because I have medicare I get the run around because it is not high paying insurance. What do you gals take for pain?


I hate when it feels like they (doctors) give an answer or diagnosis without thoroughly looking (MRI, CT, etc). I call it 'blind treating'. Sorry you're going through similar pain. I had been off all pain meds for quite some time, but ended up in the emergency room over the weekend and back on flexiril and norco. I have an appointment with my doc today and keeping my fingers crossed we'll come up with a plan. I know I won't get answers today, but I'm going to push on the testing. My boyfriends perspective is that I'm on a steady decline and getting worse day by day. Will check in after my appointment today and let you know what he says. My injury was work related so I tend to have to push hard to get further treatment/testing, but after almost 3 yrs of dealing with this I've gotten pretty good at it. Hang in there.