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Cannot get health insurance and have herniated disc

Started by Missy7264 on 06/29/2015 1:00pm

I never thought I'd end up on a discussion board, but what could be better than turning to a group of people who understand?
About a year ago (age 28), I herniated a disc in my lower back. At the time I was on Medi-cal and it took me almost 6 months just to receive any physical therapy for the issue. From the 3 sessions Medi-cal allowed, I have learned a few exercises which I have been doing at home. I ended up going to the emergency room where after begging I was allowed an MRI which showed a 2mm herniation somewhere in my lower (don't remember which one because I was cancelled by Medi-cal simply for moving 400 miles within the same state and have no one to read the MRI) back.
The problem now is Medi-cal is allowing me to come back on, however not a single doctor where I live seems to take Medi-cal because it's so flooded with people needing care. I'm right at the cusp of being able to apply for covered California, but I don't quite make it.
As of the past week, my legs feel heavy and weak and there's a constant nagging (but mild) pain in my back. Everything is extremely exhausting and I put off so many things because bending down is awful. It's not that I am in agony yet, it's that I'm unable to perform regular daily fuctions as swell as any exercise. I have no access to a pool so swimming is not an option. I also take turmeric and advil daily.

Any suggestions on what someone can do for a herniated disc who can't seem to get medical attention? Thanks so much.

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