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oh boy

Started by barnwell44 on 06/20/2015 11:16am

oh boy I am getting worse it is really bad now I keep getting told my troubles are
mounting up all the time I feel as if I get told one thing after the other there are a number
of confusing things that are disgusting to say the least I was to get a full care team at a local
NHS outlet but they have told mum I was being assessed for the mental health team I have
no reason to be assessed for that team I am very upset and angry about this as they lost the
papers that was sent to them about the care that I am needing I m going to talk to someone
about complaining about my treatment I have no mental illness anyone who knows me does
not think I am mentally ill now back to my problems arthritis is now added to the functional
movement disorder touch sensitive chronic pain syndrome if I don't get what is needed
on Monday my treatment with the NHS ends there and then I have trust issues with doctors
private treatment is what is going to happen from now on if you are a doctor or someone who
can recommend private health care in America and Europe please get intouch

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