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i went to the seminar

Started by barnwell44 on 05/23/2015 2:47pm

I went to the seminar on spinal problems this afternoon
and I felt that I got a lot from it I thought would spinal injections
work or would I ask for surgery I feel after so many serious problems
I need something done my spine has gone several times now and it gets
worse all the time I shake very violently that I feel I am going to pass out
on and off I have speech problems when I shake and I cant get the words
out I try to say them but problems always crop up my walking and talking
balance are seriously affected as my feet legs and kneecaps all turn in my
feet twist then both feet get pulled round then my legs and kneecaps go then
my left leg gets pulled underneath my right leg my problems just continue

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I am a fellow chronic back pain,sciatica sufferer due to multiple on the job injuries from 1990-1995 documented while working as an RN.ON WC SINCE 91-STOPPED WORKING IN 95,DISABILITY SINCE 2003. Even though I am an RN-I cannot diagnose you ,however My advice to you is the next time this flares up you either get yourself to the ER PRONTO FOR A COMPLETE NEURO CONSULT/FIND A NEUROLOGIST & SET UP A CONSULT ASAP before your next flareup!!...I am not going to tell you my tale of hell now-but I really think you needed to be seen by a neurologist first IMO to r/o any neuro probs & if not then go to who ever they refer to after if they say it is not a neuro problem. This is not normal IMO & I am afraid you are going to possible cause more probs than you have now-God forbid...hope you take my advice & keep me posted-PLEASE I CHECKED SUBSCRIBE ME TO YOUR DISCUSSION-Take care & please get yourself neurologically checked out & work from there...GOOD LUCK & Safety:)