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i had a fusion done last year 2014 with the rods screw ect.

Started by rosa36 on 05/04/2015 5:09am

I am new to this..i fell 3 steps down landed on my bottom and my back hit my step been in pain several days seem like its getting worse anyone has anyone been threw something similar. Thank you in advance. ..I haven't been able to slee aswell ..can anyone suggest or opinions accepted..Thank you again

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Sorry to hear your in pain Rosa.

Have you tried to put an ice pack on your back to cut down on swelling.

My suggestion to you is to see your pcp. He or she can assess you. Hopefully you just bruised yourself and your body needs time to heal.

Or maybe your pcp will send you for xrays. To make sure nothing serious is going on.

I'm praying for you Rosa For quick healing. Let us know how you are doing.

God Bless


You don't say where you're fused but I am in my neck......a lot......2 years back I barely bumped my nose on the concrete stairs swimming and OOOHHHHHH! That jolted my neck back and hurt for a couple months! I am so sorry! Hope it's not like that for you, but I would think people want the truth. So very sorry! Stick it out and use that heating pad! Emergency room said ice first though then the pad.... As hot as you can bear it...........my doc did do an x-ray to make sure I didn't do any damage. It will get better. :)


Hi Rosa:
Are you saying that you had a fusion last year and now you got hurt again this year? I had a C1-C2 neck fusion in 1994. It surprises me all of this discussion of failed fusion etc. My neurosurgeon said my fused area was 100 times stronger than person with an unfused neck. If your fused area is reinjured I would definitely want to know. If for some reason your fusion didn't heal or there was a problem your surgeon would have told you. If it healed correctly than you may just be sore and because of the fusion it is taken alittle longer to heal. You aren't sleeping well because you are worried. Either way no one can force you to have another surgery if something was re- injured, but at least you will know. A correction may be nothing more than a revision surgery or minor repair. Good luck.