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Is Rhizotomy better than Steroids for me?

Started by 100000077411208... on 04/22/2015 1:50pm

I've had chronic lower back pain for years. Until about 2 years ago, all I did was take pain medication. That gets old fast. So about 2 years ago, my Pain Management doctor suggested and performed epidural steroid injections. Fist one wasn't so bad, but after the second one, my whole upper body broke out in weeping blisters. It was horrible. I'm diabetic, so it took much longer for them to heal (about 6 months) than normal. About a week after the injections, I had two mini-strokes, one week apart. When I called my PM doctor and told him my entire right side was numb from my toes to my shoulder, he referred me to a CHRONIC Pain Management Clinic, saying he couldn't help me anymore. He didn't even SUGGEST that I was having a stroke, and I didn't know any better. I eventually moved to another state and got another PM doctor, who did tests and found out about the mini-strokes. I was shocked, but he found and showed me the brain damage from the strokes. He then put me on morphine therapy, which has been going on for over a year now and has deteriorated to the point that it almost doesn't help at all any more. So he has decided to do a Rhizotomy. Apparently, the way I understand it, that is the ''burning'' of the nerve roots to alleviate the pain I feel. I'm scheduled for that next week, and I'm terrified. Why can't he just change the pain medication instead of messing with my spine again? I don't know WHAT to do!

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Hi my name is Paul , I've been having nerve ablations done for the past three years or so ,some times it works very well,I think it depends on how precise the burn location is,I never had more than five months of relief,but when it's a good it really is the best solution for me. Problem is if it doesn't last ,my dr won't re-ablate until six months pass which leaves me back to pain meds and misery.there weren't any bad side effects I just wish it would last the six months.dont be afraid to try nerve ablation it may work really well for you,just one word of advise don't use a dr that has to much traffic because I feel when a dr does so many everyday he doesn't take the time he should to be be sure your getting the best results,I found this out be cause I changed dr due to insurance change and my new dr did a much better job with longer lasting results ,like I said pick a dr that doesn't run his operation in big volumes ,I am currently waiting for my six months period to have it done again,so for the next four weeks I will be back on pain meds and sleep aids. I hope this helps some body