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chronic pain in back

Started by lee-ann on 04/03/2015 8:59am

In 2013 in fell down the stairs my back took the full brunt of the fall,i ended up in a backbrace and after months of agony and a mri scan it turned out my l4/l5 were fused & I have cysts coming of my spinel cord..I april I had my fusion but it hasn't help me... nobody can tell my why I still cannot walk far,sit in low chairs or 1s with no back support I struggle to move somedays when I go anywere I last 2hours b4 the pain becomes unbarable. My fusion feels like its guna explode out of my back and when its bad I could cry it hurts so bad... I have had mri scans x-rays u name it but nothing comes back. I have ligerment damage to my hip which causes a lot of pain I have been told I have fibromyagia but this doesn't explain why I still cannot wait far...... My friend thinks am a hyprocodriact and am getting abit sick of it all now. please help

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