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Confused and concerned parent

Started by Gems on 03/27/2015 6:42am

Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can give me a clearer understanding of my daughters mri scan results. She has spina bifida, but haven't had things put in simple terms, so it's what I am hoping for. So here goes....

There is a prominent CSF space within the central cord at the lower thoracic levels which are consistent with syrinx. In addition there is a diastomatomyelia of the lower most thoracic cord at L1 level with a larger left sided segment. This emerges at the level of the conus. The spinal Canal is capacious with no thecal impingement. The posterior vertebral parts are present in the lumbar spine down to the level of the L4/5 which does have posterior spinal process. At the L1-S1 level there is deficiency of posterior parts and the deficiency of posterior of the sacrum consistent with spina bifida.

I would hugely appreciate if there is anybody that may be able to explain what this means for my daughter and give me a better understanding.
Many thanks xx

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Hello you need to get on sites than are set up for Spina Bifida. Try Spine Health .com and ADR support forum they might be able to steer you in the right direction.