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Posted in: Back pain.

newbe needs advice please help if you can

Started by davey13 on 03/19/2015 9:32am

Hi iv'e got a issue with my upper back .I have been to the docs(fat lot of good that did me).My upper back burns like you get if you work out in a gym and you get a lactic acid burn in say your biceps when doing bicep curls .Now the only way i can get any relief from the pain is to lie down or get my 13 year old daughter who is roughly 55-65kg she stands on my back ,roughly between the shoulder blades and bounces this causes my spine to flex and it makes a series of cracking noises (like your knuckles do if you make a fist and push your fingers towards your wrist).Do any of you know what this is?Also can she do any damage to me/and am i making it worse by doing this. Iv'e been to see a physio who said no but after reading a couple of other discussions online i'm now not so sure .The exercises given to me by the physio can't make my back crack (it needs the weight and movement of my daughter to do so).Any insight /information would be greatly appreciated

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Hello Davey,

Glad to see you here! The burning sensation could be from a pulled muscle. The pulled muscle could be from your spine not being aligned, hence the cracking from your 13 yr old.

And yes, she can hurt you. While it might feel good, she could be causing more problems for your muscles.

Have you had your back xrayed? You might want to make sure there is nothing else going on.
Especially if the exercises your physio gave you isn't helping.

Have you ever thought of going to a chiropractor? They can help align your spine.
I go to a chiropractor. He took x-rays of my spine before adjusting me.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.