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Car accident after back surgery

Started by elmerette1971 on 03/18/2015 9:20am

Hi everyone. Please forgive this post if it's repetitive, and please forgive any errors, as I'm typing via my cell. I'm Denise and I'm new to this site. Quick background, I'm about to turn 44. September, 2014, I had a revision lumbar fusion of L5S1 with fusion of L4L5 and laminectomy. I also have spinal stenosis.

On Halloween evening, I was rear ended stopped at a red light. Turns out I need neck surgery. But one of my concerns is I'm noticing a weakness in my legs. Like a burning weakness, and my legs get really stiff when I'm lying down, almost like a creakiness and like a Frankenstein feeling. My pain management doc is running new MRIs but it just feels soo frustrating not knowing or any info on lifestyle modifications.

If anyone has any advice or info on this and on the great fatigue that's been getting worse, I would be so grateful. My spine surgeon will be doing my cervical fusion (I'm forgetting the levels off hand but it will be a multilevel fusion). He's done my 3 out of 4 surgeries. He doesn't want to discuss the new leg and back pain, as he feels that he's done everything surgically needed but since the recent car accident, I've been getting these new symptoms and radiating pains down my opposite side. After my previous surgeries, I have had constant left leg strangling pains and weakness, dropping foot, and left foot tripping my right foot. Fun stuff like that :)

I'm a vibrant 44 year-young woman who's waiting to teach Zumba classes but have had to put it on hold because of this. I became certified after the surgery, as it hurts me too much to return to a desk job and a huge love of dance. My doc did say that one of my screws is in too far but it shouldn't be pressing on a spinal nerve. I'll be seeing another surgeon to double check on my lower back post-accident, and hoping to get out my screws and metal now that I'm fused (the latest back surgery has fused but not totally sure if the first fusion surgery has, as I hadn't before going on a bone growth stimulator.)

Really sorry for the long, boring post, and I thank you soo much in advance for your reading it and any advice you give.

Happy early spring!!!

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