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Lumbar epidural

Started by Darcie on 02/10/2015 5:21pm


I had a lumbar epidural injection in the lower back four weeks ago, when having the procedure it was horrendous, the pain was extreme, I was shaking with pain, when he was injecting the fluid the pain was so horrendous I can't even begin, it felt like my lower back and right leg was going to explode, after the procedure I couldn't stand and was that traumatised I couldn't even speak, two weeks after having it done I just couldn't stop crying, it has left me traumatised. The lower back pain that I was getting for years has now got even worse after having it done, the right leg at the top is now causing pain, I don't know what to do as I am to scared to get back in touch with the doctor that did it, he was very rude and not at all sympathetic, I am 44 years old and can't even work more than two hours!
I am so depressed, has anyone else had this experience? Some help will be much appreciated

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