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Radio frequency Ablation

Started by Bren 53 on 01/22/2015 10:42am

I had Radio Frequency Ablation done dec 29th and the second one done dec 31st on my lower back. I have been dignosed with multiple lower back problems. I also have severe arthritis and just a bad spine. Had neck surgery in Oct 2014. My question is has anyone had very bad pain down the leg like static pain after having radio ablation.? It has now been almost a month since I had the procedure and having terrible pain down my right leg and sometime my left. I'm probably gonna have to have back surgery someday as I have tears ,bulging disk, herniated disk, bone spurs, Degenerative disc disease and nerve Impinchment.
I'm only 53 and can't believe I have all this.

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I could not walk for a month after RF of L-4-5 & S-I joint!
I had relief after that, but I paid dearly for a solid month.

I am never doing it again.
I had a 4 level cervical fusion after a drunk driver ran me off the road.
I had post cervical headaches and had RF done. (left side)
It worked for a year, but then it wore off and WOW, the pain is the worst ever.
I cannot go through needles again for 45 long minutes.
Then wondering if my legs will buckle & will I need care 24/7 till its over?
I could not even get out of a chair and I am small.
Breathing hurt.

It is so invasive.
My headaches are back, Topamax side effects are weird, so not sure I am sticking with this either.
My options are running out.
See you on the other side I guess. THEY DO NOT CARE~