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I'm desperate for answers regarding my last mri. Please HELP.

Started by gangimel on 01/14/2015 2:09pm

I am 36 and have already underwent a Lamy and discectomy at my L5-S1 level in Nov. 2013. It was a 6 month recovery but my pain, weakness & numbness was corrected until this November of 2014. I re injured my back at work and have been out of work since. Since workman's comp is investigating the claim, I have not been approved for treatment and my symptoms are worsening. I currently have severe pain radiating down my left leg causing numbness in my left toes and heel. I have decreased sensation also in that foot and noted weakness and decreased reflexes. I am experiencing htn, a neurogenic bladder and night sweats. My adl's are severely impacted and have been seen in the ED twice in a week for these symptoms. My last mri report reads as follows:
Postoperative changes r/t Lamy at L5-S1 levels.
No acute fx or subluxation. Multilevel degenerative changes are noted. There is posterior disc bulging at the L5-S1 level. Moderate bilateral neural foraminal stenosis at that level. No evidence of discrete abscess, although there is amorphous increased T2 signal and enhancement of the subcutaneous soft tissue overlaying the Laminectomy site. Infection cannot be excluded.
Please help me understand why I'm experiencing these symptoms and what should I expect? Thank you.

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