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Started by 678587765@facebook on 01/12/2015 6:07pm

I had my cervical spine surgery 9/2012. I now have a titanium plate and 8 screws. Had an uneventful recovery. Or is 15 mths later and I am suffering dizziness when I stand up from a sitting position. Am seeing my
Neurosurgeon tomorrow. Has anyone had issues such as this? Thank you

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Yes. I just posted about mine. This is my 2nd surgery after c4,5,6 fusion I had to have c6,7 after 13 years between surgeries. I was fine and now very dizzy and stand up and almost fall as if I just got off of an amusement ride. They are scheduling me for ctscan. I'm wondering if I should be concerned?


I must first say I was hesitant to get on a chat room but seems I have no one around me who understands how I feel.
In 2012 I had my first neck surgery C4-C7 plate and screws seemed I was doing ok. I had to have the surgery due to no spinal fluid going through most areas also bone spurs arthritis etc what a mess. Years had gone by where other Primary Doctors would listen to me say my neck hurts its stiff I cant move etc and they would send me on my way with a muscle relaxer and an anti inflammatory. Over 15 years of this.
Then I switched Doctor after I went to a SCIP training which is Physical interventions, the majority of my life has been working with the disabled population in one way or another.
The new Doctor and I and my trainer thought it was my shoulder - so MRI done on shoulder sent to specialist. Nothing wrong there but specialist said have your Primary order and MRI on your neck as we believe your pain is very real.
So I then had the MRI completed on my neck which showed all areas mentioned above c4-c7 and all the issues. Immediately sent to a spine surgeon who was not so nice as I smoke. Wanted to complete 2 surgeries one to take care of the risky area where there was no spinal fluid and then go back in and take care of bone spurring and other issues that were not an immediate issue. I went for a second opinion of course. Well as soon as I did this surgeon was awesome and I was scheduled for surgery within a month. Surgery was Jan 24, 2012 and I returned to my desk/driving job April 24th. also went to do PT and take care of my 3 kids. WOW was that a lot. I was sore all of the time. I saw my surgeon often to find that I did not fuse. It started at top and at bottom but then just stopped:( In Feb of 2014 I had a CT scan done that showed more issues in these areas as well as nerve compression. I then tried everything on top of the already pain management of hydrocodone, morphine and Xanax daily since 1st surgery. I went for steroid injections until they said no more until you see your surgeon again were afraid we are masking issues. I also tried PT that I could not do much due to setting off headaches or making me terribly sore. My tens machine is some relief I must say and heat as well as Ice.
So in October I broke with mounding depression due to the pain and not being able to do normal everyday things without pain. Very little could I do after work barely made it through work days. At times over taking medication adding Ibruprophen. Spoke to my surgeon after only 4 hours of work one day and explained all of this and I was out of work and talking about scheduling second surgery through the back of my neck to secure work that was done prior. I also had a screw that was starting to come loose.
I just had surgery on Dec 10 2014. I still am not driving as I'm advised to do at my own pace and I cant turn neck like Id like to. Also very sore down left side. Cant lift left hand above my head without sharp pain. My intentions were to go back to work March 1st but just the other day I was down on the floor cleaning a few animal messes and got up and felt very dizzy and sick to my stomach. I have never felt that before. I had to sit and that was all I had done that day!!!! I feel useless and know that a return to work at this time will not happen as I type this long story to see if anyone can relate my fingers are tingling which happened prior to last surgery and is again happening not as much but some:(
Was just denied my first attempt at SSDI and will be seeing a lawyer Thursday to appeal.
I'm sad as I'm only 43 but I cant do work kids and home!


I know. This 2nd surgery has really taken quite a recovery but my biggest concern yet was that sudden dizzy going to fall feeling. I even get it during the night when I turn over. Morning's are awful. My surgeon changed my muscle relaxer from Valium to Zanaflex to see if maybe it was the long term affects òf Valium but although I'm going for ctscan I think it's really just my terriblyou messed up muscles