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looking for answers

Started by 1234343916@facebook on 12/15/2014 1:55am

back in 2000 i suffered a spinal injury, c-4-5-6 in which i damaged one but they did one level in beginning, and took bone from my hip, then in 2 months later they also did a rotator cuff surgery, but was told not to turn my neck and they did, so it collapsed and refractured, then 5 months later they was to do 2 levels , and couldn't because too many oxycontins and vicodins so had to go cold turkey for month then they did 2 levels with plate and screws, since then i suffered carpel tunnel in right hand, and still has issues from surgery yrs later not bad but recently i have been having way more pain in my finger tips on opposite hand then it flare up in both hands, allways arms go numb and fingers feel like piercing needles or knife in finger tips, and hurts so much so but if i twist my neck and pop it some goes away only for shirt time, i had new x ray this yr like a month ago but hasn't heard from doc on results at chiropractor because i being a ups man hasn't had time to go in all this is on workers comp yrs ago and hasn't been on my medical record in private sector, i just went to ra doc they said i tested neg to R A they said prob based upon my injuries they flared up so they gave me naproxen and flexeril, temp,
also when my pain is usually base my skull to mid back on between my shoulder blades feels like im being punched on constant basis allways has and never stopped since day one
1 should i refile on workers comp since all injuries has happened with my company
2 would it be my neck, or my hands? or both or carpel tunnel only?

i have had 2 rotator cuff surgeries one completely reconstructed,
2 cervical fusions with plate 6 screws
3 knee scopes next one is total replacement
concussion with with 11 stitches and post concussion syndrome
hand reconstruction surgery back when i was 12 im now 50 on that left hand
but u cant tell it or see any scars anymore
bulging disc L-4-5

im tech 102 % disabled but i work as upsman 29 yrs and still have 7 more yrs to do im just wanting to figure out whats best possible way to go to stop the pain, and repair the injuries best route, i know ill never be right 100 % but least i want to be better than i am now

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Old stereotype images linger forever'Medtronic'worlds larges t pain/diabetic etc will gladly mail you a CD' showing working hard waitress truck driver etc'with a pain pump implanted ad ministiring 1mg morphine(example).That OLD image of pain pump bring wheelchair bound stage 4 patients about to expired .No,I don,t work for them.


Are related too any allgood from indiana. Yes I also have hardware it shuns my life. 1997 hardware and all not any better since