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untreated diagnosed tethered cord + sacroiliac

Started by Ruth-ache on 12/14/2014 10:12pm

Recently diagnosed with early tethered cord syndrome. Also suspected SI joint syndrome. I'm nineteen and five years ago I suddenly started suffering extreme lower back pain. Put on antiinflammatories and told it was probably muscle strain. Five years later and still suffering chronic lower back pain, I finally got an MRI, which showed tethered cord. Have not had an MRI to confirm SI joint syndrome yet. My GP believes my symptoms will disappear if I lose weight, failing to realize that I only gained weight after the pain started when I could no longer sustain all the sports I was doing because of the pain. I don't take pain meds because of the side effects. Sitting for prolonged periods of time drastically worsens the pain. My doctors aren't helpful at all but I'm in so much pain and its effecting my performance in college because I find it so difficult to concentrate. Advice anyone??

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