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Outpatient disc fusion. ALIF

Started by Jeffk9 on 12/01/2014 6:07am

Has anyone gone through a MIS outpatient ALIF? I've had 2 failed microdiscectomy at L4-5. And now the disk has basically collapsed based on latest MRI. I've given up on fighting the pain and on the advice of 2 different doctors I decided to move forward with a dreaded Fusion. All conservative measures seem to only exacerbate the pain.

Both docs suggested a minimally invasive outpatient surgery. One prefers Anterior interbody fusion approach and the other a XLIF. Procedure. I've scoured the posts and have yet to find anyone who has had an outpatient version of either of these. I'm very curious to hear about their experiences, recovery and outcomes. I'm Especially curious to read about their post-op experience as most others here write about a 3-5 stay. So wondering how different leaving the same day will be. Appreciate any and all replies.

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