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Posted in: Back pain.

spine hurts idk what to do

Started by xmarie411x on 11/19/2014 1:01am

hello my name is marie and im only 19 and my lower spine hurts and idk why it feels like tingling and pulling and tugging and its been almost 4 days i been sleeping in recliner in fetal position which doesn't make the back. hurt but if i sleep sitting with back straight in recliner my lower back backs and hurts to walk if i sleep like that and icy hot kinda helps but only for short time i been talking nsaids asprins and now after almost 4 days i have a fever or 99.6 and i don't have pain in legs or thighs just the spine and lil of the hips and i can't go doctor i make no money at all don't have Medicaid or Medicare at all im scared idk what is wrong

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Most likely whatever you did to your back is just temporary because your body will heal itself, especially considering your age. Even if it does go away, you should go ahead and find out if your city or county offers reduced cost healthcare so the next time you need to see a doctor you will already be signed up/registered. Also call your state's department of health and human services to see if you can get Medicaid. Whatever you end up doing, remember that surgery is an absolute LAST RESORT because there is always the very real possibility that you could end up worse off after surgery than you were before surgery. I know that from personal experience and from the experience of family members and also from talking to other people who have had spine surgeries.


Think back a little? Where do you feel did you gave this injury? Did you pick up something heavy. Go to the emergency room and complain that you have pain that you can't handle. Make up a story if you have to and say that you fell down the stairs, got in a car accident with you as the passenger or lifted your grandfather and the result was an injury. Therefore, they have no choice but to give you an X-ray or an MRI, so you can at least get a diagnosis of what is bothering you.