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hardware removed, reinstallation?

Started by 1468788762@facebook on 11/18/2014 3:21pm

Forgive me for the length of this but you must have the background info. I went in for an ALIF L4-S1 and PLIF L3-S1, Dec 6 2013. Although those surgeries were scheduled for the same day I only had my ALIF done on the original day, with my PLIF and laminectomy done 3 days later. I was recovering nicely until an infection set in some sort of strept B. Well Dec 20 I was admitted to have the infection cleaned out. Once again I thought I was progressing well until I was having paijs that made it unbearable to walk. CT scans showed that I had loose hardware in my S. My surgeon recommended that I have my hardware removed and reinstalled except where it was loose and that he would lay down extra bone graft in that area. I agreed to the 4th surgery and when he got in there the infection was still in there. So he cleaned that out again. Three weeks later I rejected the bone graft so it was recommended that he go in and clean out the bone graft and put bone putty at the L5/S1 so that it would be fused. Again I agreed, that was surgery 5. I am now 8 months post the last surgery and in considerably more pain. I had xrays in june of which I never saw and was told its all looking good. In Oct 2014 I was sent in for more EMG's and another myelogram. The results of my myelogram show that I am worse at every level. I was curious as to how that's possible. I also have an incomplete fusion from the ALIF. I started looking at my report closer and realized that my hardware was never reinstalled. First of all has that occurred with anyone else that they had their hardware removed after 2 months 12 days or close? And secondly is it possible to have it reinstalled? Would you recommend it? I have a laundry list of problems in my spine particularly in my lumbar from DDD to thecal sac narrowing, bone spurs, retrolisthesis, loss of disc heigth, stenosis bulging disc, etc. Thank you for you input.

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