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Help with MRI results

Started by mphillips on 11/17/2014 2:49pm

I fell 2/22/11 and hurt my shoulder back and hip. I had rotator cuff surgery on right shoulder and carpal tunnel surgery on right hand also ulnar nerve damage on right side due to the fall.

first MRI of lumbar spine showed multilevel facet arthropathy from L2 to S1, worse on the right side at L4/L5 with some foraminal stenosis. I had a second MRI which showed a bulging disc why would the first one not show this? and they do not think it was caused by the fall.

Ever since I fell I have been having this sharp pain in the front of my thigh that feels like someone is stabbing me in my leg it started out just at night when I'm laying down but now it happens all the time. The pain goes down into my right foot. My back and hip hurts non stop now with no relief. Motor examination showed severe give way in the bilateral lower extremities in every muscle group that he tested, however he said there was no true weakness present. Sensory examination showed decreased pinprick sensation on all the toes on the right side. I also have numbness in the groin area on and off. I had one doctor tell me that he thinks I may have neuropathy would this show up in an MRI?

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Hi , MRIs can change, plus they might not have looked at that area the first time, plus different docs read the same MRI differently. The most accurate reading is usually, (reading done by radiologist) the most accurate. However Docs usually want to look at MRI, and come to their own conclusion. I have had cervical stenosis since 2000, and I got a new mri in 2010, read the results which were about the same as my last one in 2002, however, the new doctor told me that my neck was about the same as any other 59 year olds, but he wanted to do more tests. I did not go back to him. Sounds like you might have some Sciatica ,radiation pain from bad back in your legs, it is like a shooting pain. Neurapathy is similar, but you can't detect it on a MRI. Wish you the best.