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ALIF PLIF, infection, loose screw, bone graft rejection, bone putty incomplete fusion

Started by 1468788762@facebook on 11/10/2014 12:10am

Background: multiple back injuries while in the military, 360 fusion 16 years after discharge. In Dec 2013 I had an ALIF L4-S1 On a friday and PLIF L3-S1 on Monday due to "hardware not arriving on time". First of all is this normal when I was supposed to have them the same day. My surgery was scheduled for 8 am that friday morning it was icy on that Texas morning and due to that my surgery did not occur until 2 pm the surgeon was at least 2 hours late for all my surgeries. I was told that the previous surgery was more complicated than normal. I think that he used some of my hardware in them. Although that's 2 surgeries I consider it 1 as they were both scheduled for the same day and completed the procedure. First of all is it still common to split the ALIF and PLIF into 2 surgeries 3 days apart? I aquired an infection somehow and had to have it cleaned out 17 days later. Could the split surgery be the cause of the Strep B? While doing physical therapy I started having more intense pain and had to have a CT and found out that i had a loose pedicle screw. The pain started about 3 weeks after the infection clean out. When they opened me up to remove and replace all the hardware except where it was loose (S1) there was a mass of puss and infection which had to be cleaned out again. Instead of putting more screws in the S1 he laid down extra bone graft. Is this common practice? Could the infection cause the loose pedicle screw? How common is it for a pedicle screw to loosen after a month. Unfortunately I rejected the bone graft and had to have that cleaned out so I was opened up s 4th time from the back in just 92 days. When they cleaned the bone graft out he replaced it with bone putty. How common is bone putty used in a lumbar fusion? I had incomplete healing of the wound from the last surgery spent2 1/2 months on anti biotics, hadto see wound care management.How common is that? I lost 50 lbs during this time probably from the infection, gained it all back. And I am now 11 months post 1st surgery and 8 months post 4th (or 5th depending how you count them). Unfortunately I still am unable to work, DNA tests show opiods to include non opiods tramadol is ineffective on me as they do not bind to my pain receptors, my most recent EMG and Myelogram show that my radiculopathy and stenosis are worse, I still have retrolisthesis with hardware and my degeneration at L5/S1 is worse with the stenosis and radiculopathy being worse there than anywhere, I have an incomplete fusion there where the bone putty was laid down, how does that all happen? I complained of numbness prior to and continuously since the 1st surgery in my right thigh I showed problems with my L2/L3 pre surgery and was told when I asked what was going to be done about it that it would probably correct itself after surgery on the lower levels. Now my surgeon has been out of town since early Oct, I was supposed to see him this week but had my appt cancelled. They wanted me to reschedule for jan as "he should be back by then" has anyone gone through something similar? In your opinion could I have surgery to correct what is going on? Or am I probably hosed. Continuously in pain both nerve and spine, can't progress in phys ther past 30 lbs and that hurts. Any suggestions are welcome

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Hello, I cant believe there are no replies to this yet.
I am sorry to hear you are going threw so much pain and problems
With this. From what I gathered and just using an educated
guess, I would recomend getting a Lawyer first off.
Secondly, I would call and have a second oppinion done
By a different surgeon. This sounds like malpractice to me.
I would soooo be suing the pants off the place that did your
Surgery. I hope and pray for you to recover quickly as far as the
Infecrion goes, and also the places in your back that have been
Problemsome for you. God speed!! ")