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Having pain any suggestions

Started by Jen1978 on 11/02/2014 12:54am

I was in a car accident in1999. I was T- boned by a drink driver and air lifted to stl. Where I was in. Hospital for 3 months. Then brought home by ambulance and had to be turned every 2 hrs. Laid flat in bed for5months. I broke Life 2,3,4,5 vertebraes, tailbone, sacrum, pelvic in 3 places and pelvic in places shattered toy cervix, and uterus. Had to have surgery to remove bone spurs from pelvic, ribs in14 places, lung and spline punctured. Was on life support for a week then oxygen for 4 weeks, left wrist left collarbone, shoulder blade, and rotater cuff. Where they fused my left clavicle by putting a plate in. C4 in my neck left side of face fracture. Then a month later right wrist broke so they put a screw in it. Have 2 bulging disk in back and see herniated disk and pinched nerve in back bulging disk in neck. No nerve to bladder still. Had to learn how to use bathroom again, walk. Site, and stand. I run now 3 miles a day. Work out. Hang drywall. I'm very blessed I'm still alive to raise 2 beautiful daughters. I have thought my girls to never give up. And pray cause miricles happen. And Never say never, belive in your self. I've had 3 bloodclots as well. I'm in pain, I have pain shooting down legs and numbness, pain in lower back, pain in left. Clavival, neck. I don't palates everyday to keep my muscles strong
I go see my back dr next Thursday. Please pray for me. Have any ideas what's going on

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