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Found broken screw in my spine

Started by backpain14 on 10/31/2014 11:34am

I had lumbar fusion L2-L4 done 10 years ago due to a car accident. There have always been residule back pain and I was used to it. The pain gradually grew worse. It has recently gone to my hip, with nubness and tingling down to my feet on one side. I finally went to a doctor. X-Ray showed a broken scrow on on of the L4 screws. I do not know how long it has been broken and how it has affected my back. Do not get to see a spine doctor until next month now I am not sure what to do and what to expect. Anyone had similar experience? If the screw is not touching anything, can it be left untouched? How it may affect me in the longer term? Thanks in advance.

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